And this is....


TEN YEARS AGO, I published a personal blog titled scribble, scribble, scribble... It was typical for its time, an omnium gatherum of short essays, commonplace book entries, links, derogatory comments, and images. I worked it for three years, then concluded that I had said all I had to say and closed it down.

Now I am embarked on a nascent photography and self-publishing venture. An online gallery and store exists—Dale Keiger | Focus—with a small set of images for sale and more to come. The self-publishing arm (my, doesn't that sound grand) exists mostly in my head at the moment, but it will assume corporeal existence in the coming year, if one can use "corporeal" to describe pixels and bytes. (There will be a more material aspect in the form of real, don't-sit-your-drink-on-that print books. This too takes time and I ask for  patience.)


And this thing here, this is...? Think of it as the journal of a creative endeavor. Here you will find photography, notes on creative projects in progress, some essays that will be published here only, and some things I think worth sharing. I am ambivalent about online comments, but for now will provide access; if comments turn into what they are on most sites—spam-plagued bins where stupid goes to spawn—I will close them. We will see. But readers can always reach me at

So, here we go again. It is nice to be back. Thank you for reading.