A bit of under-the-hood: subscriptions

THERE ARE TWO WAYS to subscribe to Focus from the Subscribe page. One is through an RSS reader, Feedly or whatever you have adopted anticipating the impending demise of Google Reader. The other has been an email subscription through Feedburner, but I've changed that. Feedburner has been reliable for me over the years, but I don't like that it zips something to your inbox every time I post. That's too much email. I'm not bringing the news here; no one needs to be alerted to every new bit of scribbling or photography. 

So I have changed over to a weekly, more or less, new content update through TinyLetter. Those of you who have already subscribed through Feedburner are fine—I've changed you over to the TinyLetter service. Each week, subscribers will receive a single egram with a précis of what's new here. You are, of course, welcome to visit every day, which would make me very happy. But subscribing to the newsletter is easy, free, and will get you a bit of additional content now and then. 

To those who have already subscribed in this blog's first week, thank you so much. I look forward to building something here, and I'm pleased you've come along for the ride. 

And while I've got you here: I've added a Reading page, with links to a handful of blogs that get my attention, and books I'm either reading or recommend. If you're moved to buy one of the books and do it through the Amazon buy-it-now button, Amazon kicks back some cash to me. Not much, but a bit to defray the cost of this digital edifice. Thanks.