This feels a bit like reopening a summer house. Pull the sheets off the furniture, sweep away the cobwebs and mouse droppings, give the place a fresh coat of paint. The Slithery Form is now Noted. The old title seemed clever and literary at the time—it's from Elizabeth Hardwick—but felt more cumbersome week by week. The new title feels more like what I do every day, and a more appropriate title to what will be published in the days ahead. I've decided to begin devoting time and labor to the blog again, prompted in large part by the dire political events in the United States, where I reside.

The design tweaks have been small but to my liking, and I hope to yours.

I believe in living the questions, in paying attention, in taking notes, in bearing witness and recording testimony.  I believe in the written word. I believe in writing it down.

So. Noted.