new in print: ouch

I'VE A NEW STORY OUT in Johns Hopkins Magazine titled "Ouch." It digs into the stupefying, maddening complexity of pain science and why treatment of chronic pain has been so hard for so long. Here's a bit:

I hurt, you hurt, we all hurt. Pain is a human constant. Today it's the minor burn suffered while searing last night's pork chops. Tomorrow it's a twinge in the lower back. Or the faint pulse of an incipient headache, the sting of a hangnail, or the constant tormenting aftermath of a neck injury that drains life of all joy. Sore shoulders say, Too much yard work yesterday. A limp for the first 10 steps out of bed says, You are 60 years old. A lightning bolt down your left arm says, You need to go to the emergency room—now. Buddhists believe that 2,500 years ago Gautama Buddha taught that life is suffering, to which someone with arthritis or a surgical wound or 10 years in the National Football League would say, No kidding.

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