Wall Dog: Sign Painters, the film


FAYTHE LEVINE AND SAM MACON have made a fine documentary film titled Sign Paintersabout contemporary practitioners of what my father did—sign painting, especially the painting of large signs on exterior walls. The appearance of their film last year spurred me to resume work on "Wall Dog," an essay that I had set aside 11 years ago and am now scribbling.

Go to the film's website, check the schedule of Faythe and Sam's tour with it, and if it is coming to your town go see it. It is excellent work, and I would say that even if it did not include, in the background of a shot in Cincinnati, my father's last surviving wall, which I wrote about here. (It shows up in the film's trailer at about the 2:00 mark.)

If you cannot get to a screening of the film, buy the book, which is also swell. Both will inform my essay. 

At the Washington, DC screening of the film, I met Faythe and Sam, and they have been kind enough to put a link to Focus | Dale Keiger  on the Sign Painter  website, for which I thank them.